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Let's start with a common question.  A lot of beginners will need a smaller Ducky model say a Ducky 13 or Ducky 15 which is forgiving and requires minimal knowledge and experience to get going.  Now, if you're into racing already or moving up from a non-racing variant then a good start would be the Ducky 14S and for the more experienced, the Ducky 18S would be a good choice - depending on what you are looking to achieve.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a cruiser then the Ducky 16, Ducky 17 or Ducky 19 models would be good choices.  The best approach would be to review each model against your requirements and then chat it through with an unbiased 3rd party, or you could drop us note and Anna would be happy to discuss pros, cons and options.

When travelling with a group, the catamaran can frequently be placed in the hold as sports equipment (depending on the airline).  This makes travelling to events easy, irrespective of distance.  If you have a some adventurous sailing plans, by all means contact us to discuss tried and tested options & routes. 

Generally no.  RYA state the following with regard to UK Pleasure Vessels and multiple references are made the Intended Pleasure Vessel (IPV) Code.  The UKCRA also contains a wealth of information on catamaran racing.  

Usually the engines are 2.0hp - 4.0hp depending on which model you have/ choose. There is a recommended hp stated in the table description for each Ducky model.  Before opting for the latest and greatest electric motor, discuss your plans with us as we may be able to offer some advice about what others are doing successfully.    

Buoyancy aid - whilst sailing Ducky catamarans (regardless of the model) we strongly recommend the wearing of buoyancy aids all of the time.

Paddles - a minimum of one pair secured on board is recommended.

Dry bags - are recommended for cruising 

Ducky inflatable catamarans are known to be pretty stable among other inflatable catamarans, although it largely depends on your experience level and the weather conditions.  It is more likely to capsize smaller models and the righting of the vessel is usually possible without further assistance to the crew.  

There are detailed instructions and videos on the Ducky forum regarding this process.  A mast float is highly recommended to limit any capsizing to 90 degrees thus stopping the mast from submerging. 


For leisure, sport and travel.  No matter what your priority is: family vacations, fun, sports, education or an extreme expedition, you will find that Ducky catamarans are a quality affordable solution.

Our diverse product range is designed to best meet your needs.  The range is light weight, quick to assemble, highly mobile, easy to learn and critically - easy to store.


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