Ducky 16 Inflatable Catamaran

Ducky 16

An all purpose catamaran perfect for family sailing holidays

The design of this catamaran focuses on simplicity and speed of assembly, which is perfect for use as a weekend boat.  The design provides assembly without tools in 35 minutes.  A sturdy frame, balanced sails and a large load-carrying capacity make it possible to use the Ducky 16 for short trips.  One person can handle the catamaran.

Additionally, an asymmetric spinnaker – gennaker can be installed on this catamaran.  It is an effective sail for downwind courses.

An outboard engine with a power of 3.3 hp can also be installed.  This requires an additional motor bracket, which is attached to the aft beam.

Technical Data

Length, m4.8
Width, m2.4
Height, m6.6
Length / Width of front trampoline, m1.4 / 1.9
Length / Width of front trampoline, m1.8 / 1.9
Diameter of floats, m0.54
Jib, sq.m2.3
Main sail, sq.m7.3
Gennaker, sq.m10
Carrying capacity, kg350
Crew, pers.1-4
Weight, kg65
Dimensions in packed condition, m3 Packs
Pack no. 11.90 x 0.4 x 0.25
Pack no. 21.8 x 0.25 x 0.25
Pack no. 30.8 x 0.4 x 0.3
Time of Assembly / Disassembly, min35 / 25
Sail materialDacron / Mylar
Recommended engine power, hp3.3
Boat design category (Directive 94/25/EC, 2003/44/EC and 2013/53/EU)D


  • FRAME AND TRAMPOLINE - The frame has a unique resilient design. At peak loads, pipes can rotate in joint units. This feature allows to withstand heavy alternating loads without damage and makes the frame very reliable and durable.  The minimum number of frame elements provides low weight and quick assembly.  The frame material is lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy.  All aluminum parts are anodized or powder coated for additional corrosion protection in seawater.  The main trampoline is 1.8 x 1.9 m in size, spacious and comfortable.  There is a cargo net where you can place people or luggage.  The shrouds form a guard railing of main trampoline. This is additional safety and a comfortable support for the back when sitting.  The side pockets are convenient for keeping a lot of things, including oars.  Trampoline material is durable PVC net that allows water to pass through and prevents the puddles formation
  • FLOATS - Highly efficient float shape provides minimum resistance and maximum speed.   Sharp stem makes wave travel smooth with minimal splashes.  Each float has two sealed sections that provide added safety.  Fast and convenient fastening to the frame with straps.  The floats material is a durable boat PVC fabric with 1000 g/sq.m weighing.  Extra bottom reinforcement for harsh environments usage 
  • CENTERBOARD - Centrally located.  Necessary area, good elongation and profile ensure effective movement of the catamaran against the wind.  It has an automatic system of protection against damage when running aground or into obstacle.  Regulated degree of immersion into water of the centerboard makes it possible to move against the wind even in shallow water.  Сenterboard material is glass composite.
  • RUDDER - Centrally located.  It has an automatic system of protection against damage when running aground or an obstacle.  Tiller extension allows to more effectively place your weight for balancing of catamaran heeling.  Rudder blade material is glass composite.
  • MAINSAIL - Large elongation, shape and profile of sails provide a high efficiencyy.  An additional sail for downwind courses is the gennaker. It doubles the total sails area.  There is no boom, that is important for the safety.  There is Wishbone for effective sail setting. Sail material is Dacron or Mylar
  • MAST - The mast is rotatable, that improves the efficiency of the sail.  It is held in working position by shrouds and stay.  The mast consists of three sections.  The mast float protects against the full capsize
  • ACCESSORIES - Catamarans are equipped with blocks, sheets, stoppers and other parts from leading manufacturers.


Ducky 13 Outboard Motor Bracket


Motor bracket is designed for mounting of outboard motor with extended deadwood (long shaft). Recommended engine power - 3.2 hp

Ducky 13 Tiller Extension


The tiller extension is designed to control the tiller from a distance. This is a useful option that allows more effective heeling balance and maintains accurate catamaran trim (loading of stern or bow).

Ducky 13 Mast Float


The mast float is an inflatable tank that prevents the catamaran from turning the mast upside down. The float will keep the catamaran on a "side position" and will facilitate the righting of the catamaran to an even keel, in case of capsizing. It will not allow the mast to sink below the surface and prevents damage. The mast float is streamlined. If necessary, it is easily mounted and dismantled without the use of tools; fixators included.

Ducky 13 Hull Protection


An additional strip of fabric is glued to the bottom.  It is recommended for severe operating conditions, such as: a shore with sharp stones, mollusks, and other cutting and piercing elements.

Ducky 13 Parking Cover


Parking cover protects the catamaran from the sun, rain, dust and dirt.  Essential if you're planning to leave your catamaran assembled and exposed to the elements for any period of time.

Ducky 13 Sail Number


The number is made from a self-adhesive dacron.  The standard symbol height is 300 mm.  The price is calculated on a cost per character basis with or without a sticky back.   Drawing of individual logos is also possible depending on the requirement.

Ducky 15 Gennaker


Gennaker is an asymmetric spinnaker for downwind running including beam reach. A catamaran with gennaker significantly increases the speed, and in a fresh wind it can reach the hydroplaning mode. Recommended for advanced users.

Ducky 15 Side Pockets


Side pockets are designed to store small items, clothes and other things. Standard oars can be kept there also. The pockets are made of micro-net. They are attached to the cable-stay of starboard and port side, forming a kind of cockpit that additionally protects from wind and splashes.

Ducky 15 Sail Feeder


There is useful option that significantly simplifies mainsail hoisting. It directs the boltrope into the mast track and eliminates sail jamming.


For leisure, sport and travel.  No matter what your priority is: family vacations, fun, sports, education or an extreme expedition, you will find that Ducky catamarans are a quality affordable solution.

Our diverse product range is designed to best meet your needs.  The range is light weight, quick to assemble, highly mobile, easy to learn and critically - easy to store.


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