Initially, inflatable catamarans found their popularity around Soviet countries because tourism abroad was unavailable back then. When the borders opened up, the popularity of these vessels started growing due to their accessibility and easy handling. Interest in them has been massively increasing around the world due to their performance, flexibility and safety features.

Many would think that the range of function of this type of vessel is quite limited and has a place only within internal waters. To the contrary, they have been many incredible and successful adventures conducted on this type of vessel including Mediterranean, Tierra del Fuego, Greenland, and many more remote and fascinating places, including the Oceans.

My personal story of sailing inflatable catamarans began in Ukraine where the use of these vessels was already widespread and the community of owners were very active. There are many self-build vessels and quite a few different manufacturers. I started as a crew member on a 26ft self-built inflatable catamaran called “Udacha” that successfully completed many sailing events and proved itself a great cruiser by succeeding in a 6000km adventure from Ukraine to Tenerife - where I was the manager as well as an active participant.  

This journey enhanced my passion for inflatable catamarans and I started thinking about acquiring my own vessel (much smaller of course). The main criteria was: something that I would easily handle myself without any help (from the point of assembly to the launch, sailing and navigation points) and would be easy to travel with.

By considering a few different manufacturers, my unconditional preference fell to Ducky because of its simple assembly, quality and sailing performance.  Since buying a Ducky 17 and sailing at several locations in the UK, I have become so attached to the brand that I am now helping them become even more successful by representing the full Ducky range here in the UK.

Anna Berry


For leisure, sport and travel.  No matter what your priority is: family vacations, fun, sports, education or an extreme expedition, you will find that Ducky catamarans are a quality affordable solution.

Our diverse product range is designed to best meet your needs.  The range is light weight, quick to assemble, highly mobile, easy to learn and critically - easy to store.


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